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Coca-Cola is a brand known for its groundbreaking marketing. Over the years, the brand has evolved and challenges people of the world to share in its passion for inclusion and connection across cultural lines. For Coca-Cola, relationships matter. By embracing the diversity of its consumers’ communities, Coca-Cola has become a champion of socially relevant content.

In partnership with Coca-Cola’s Global Community Connections team, Beaman Inc. brought one of the most intimate portraits of global icon Nelson Mandela to millennial audiences with special advance screenings of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”

To meet the audience in the most direct way, college campuses were engaged through campus newspapers and radio stations, and by engaging faculty in departments related to storytelling, social justice, human rights, civic leadership and engagement. Influential tastemakers, along with appropriate social media outlets, added to the credibility of Coca-Cola’s outreach.

As a result, college students ages 18–25 in 8 markets nationwide were introduced to the multifaceted story of one of the world’s most celebrated leaders.

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