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The Coca-Cola Company first partnered with the Essence Music Festival in 1995. As the festival has grown in recognition and attendance, the brand’s efforts have met its challenges. Impressed with Beaman Inc.’s performance during the CIAA Basketball Tournament in Charlotte, Coca-Cola presented the challenge to re-engage African-American customers in a meaningful way.

Always ready to meet and exceed a challenge, the Beaman Inc. team strategized and implemented targeted media efforts that engaged New Orleans media and national media outlets. Coca-Cola–themed programs and materials were distributed prior to and during the festival via print, broadcast, and web-based outlets.

The outcome: 41 media placements, totaling more than 8.7 million impressions, 20 million gross media impressions, and a new foothold for Coca-Cola’s brand messaging at one of the top music festivals in the country.

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